Module 1 

Clarity is the first step in establishing yourself as an online coach both personally and professionally. It all starts with your core values, because knowing who you are, what you are passionate about and what you believe your purpose to be will create the benchmark for your brand moving forward. 


Module 2 

Your profile on Instagram will become your brand and the content you post will be with the purpose of showcasing who you are and how you can help in the most authentic and appealing way. Your content needs to be high quality, engaging and valuable to those who view or follow your platform – so in this module I’ll teach you how to take a good photo, get confident on your Instagram stories and connect with your audience to build trust. 


Module 3 

When it comes to online coaching communication is everything! All successful entrepreneurs, online coaches, businessmen and women are excellent at communication. Building strong lines of communication with your audience and potential clients in key and how you speak implicitly and explicitly matters. This will boost your engagement and promote more client sign ups.


Module 4 

When you build consistency for showing up on your profile, producing content, and communicating with your audience you will also need to develop systems and routines that you can adhere to ongoing. This will require you to be organised and hold yourself accountable to the tasks that need to be completed daily. Your long-term success and the goals you have set yourself for your business rely on this. As your business grows you will need to assess what is working well and adapt ongoing because online coaching is forever evolving.

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