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I started my own professional journey in the field of education and taught in primary and secondary schools for over 10 years. With my Masters in Education, I developed my teaching approach to support others through mentoring, coaching and have worked in hundreds of schools training new teachers to support curriculum development. My passion for personal development and growth transferred into my own fitness journey and has since been the benchmark for all fitness and business coaching.

I started my own fitness journey nearly 10 years ago and have been competing as a bodybuilder for over 6 years. My love for this sport continues to grow and I have huge aspirations when it comes to competing and progressing my physique. However, bodybuilding has always been so much more than developing as an athlete. I have learnt how to master my mindset when it comes to training and nutrition. I have built resilience and grit when embarking on a prep season and the skills I have acquired during this process are used in all aspects of my life. We are all stronger than we think and capable of more than we realise! 



Clarity is the first step in establishing yourself as an online coach both personally and professionally.


Your profile on Instagram will become your brand and content you post will be with the purpose of showcasing who you are.


Communication is everything! All successful entrepreneurs, online coaches, businessmen and women are excellent at communication.


When you build consistency you will be able to develop systems and routines that you can adhere to ongoing.




£1200 12 weeks
  • One-to-one weekly ZOOM calls focused on the following:
  • Clarity of your vision
  • Content creation for social media platforms, documents and adverts
  • Communication with your audience and clients
  • Consistent systems and routines in order to show up for your business daily
  • Weekly support which will take your business to the next level
  • Tasks set, tracked and monitored ongoing
  • All templates and documents shared
  • Strategic approach to continued growth
  • Business client group support via WhatsApp and Facebook
  • 24hr WhatsApp support from Bex


£400 unlimited
  • How to build your online coaching business for beginners
  • Module 1 - Clarity
  • Module 2 - Content
  • Module 3 - Communication
  • Module 4 - Consistency
  • Everything you need to know about becoming an online coach
  • Tasks set at the end of each module
  • Opportunity to share your work with Bex
  • Access to a forum with all other course attendees
  • Course completion certificate
  • Referral offer for FREE 1:1 ZOOM call with Bex
  • Discount on bespoke business coaching


"Having the opportunity to talk about whatever aspect I was struggling with at a specific time was a great help. Bex gave me so many tips on content creation, teaching me that quality is better than quantity and also to engage more with people. This is something I wasn’t familiar with and felt uncomfortable with at first but Bex described her process and I started implementing it and getting into more communication with followers and potential clients."

"Before working with Bex my business was a dream and I can honestly say without Bex by my side each step of the way it would still be a dream. I have learnt so much from her in regards to growing my audience, how to be confident online, building an actual course and selling it. I could go on and on!!!"

"After 1 call I managed to create 4 plans over the weekend for 4 friends to try for fat loss and I'm excited to see their results in a few weeks . I am so grateful for Bex and her support and I've never been so excited for my future . I'm approaching 40 and I have learned that you're never too old and it's never too late to change careers and do what you love."


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